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Learning business by doing business

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What are business simulations?

Business simulations are representative models of an entire company or a department in a company. Players, or participants, take control of a company and experience firsthand the typical conflicts of interest encountered in business management. They learn how to apply business theory and use many sources of information to make decisions. They also learn how to deal with uncertainty and time constraints in a team during the decision-making process. Business simulations result in high levels of transfer learning by offering a practical experience that participants can apply to their own business practices. 


TOPSIM – Business Simulations depict real decision-making processes of companies. The participants are in the position of the CEOs: 


  • They will encounter typical conflicts as members of the executive management.
  • They will learn to understand business methods and information resources given in a condensed format.
  • They will have to take team decisions under time pressure
  • Through this interactive learning strategy, they will apply their business knowledge to practical questions.

Our management simulations have been offered for more than 30 years with over 2000 international users. We believe in “learning business by doing business” and aim to offer a high level of knowledge transfer.